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Aug 29, 2013 9:00pm PDT
soaring deficit and a housing market boom and bust. >> the obama administration says it will spend billions to keep struggling homeowners in their homes. >> moyers: american families had been hit by the greatest economic downturn since the great depression. >> we're raised to believe that each generation can and will do better than the last. but is that really true? >> moyers: we wanted to know what had happened to the two american families we knew. we found jackie stanley outside her church. how are you? >> the graduate! >> moyers: along with a grown-up keith, now 35. >> i never would have made it to college, never would have made it to college, without mom. >> moyers: but jackie quickly confided that when we called her to see about filming again, she almost said no. i was telling kathy i thought i was a failure. i really thought i was a failure because i didn't do it. we went backwards. >> moyers: she said that after suffering some health problems, she had quit doing real estate altogether, that her dream of having her own office had come to nothing, that she hadn't done enough t
Aug 22, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. >> the obama administration is in the midst of international damage control. >> smith: the release exposed candid, often embarrassing assessments. >> it's certainly been a pretty serious irritant in a number of places. and, you know, to the extent that cooperating with other countries, multi-lateralism, partnerships around the world-- to the extent that these kind of leaks undermine friendships, they're harmful. is it a nuclear bomb? no. but it's... it's pretty serious. >> smith: according to us diplomats, it's made it harder for them to do their job. was that the intent? >> well, if... if they are embarrassed by what their job is, then yes, it is... that was absolutely the broader philosophical intent, to make embarrassing behavior harder to commit. >> smith: but it will make local officials less likely to share information. >> embarrassing behavior is just this side of abusive behavior. >> smith: only 12,000 out of a quarter million diplomatic cables have been published so far, but they've already had consequences. a dozen cables from tunisia exposed widespread corruption there,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2